Certified Personal Trainer

Why Train with Joe

Joel Paret is a bodybuilder from Cuba, now living in Florida. He competes at 198 lbs. as a light heavyweight, and bulks up to 225 lbs. in the off season. His arms measure a hefty 17 3/4″ (18 1/2″ off season), waist 30″ (34″ off season), chest 49″ (51″ off season), quads 27″ (28 1/2″ off season) and calves 18″ (19″ off season). The first time that Joel practiced sports in his life was 25 years ago when he did judo for 2 years, karate 2 years and power lifting for 2 years. At 18 years of age, he started working out with weights in a gym close to his house in Habana City, Cuba.

In 2002, Joel did his first contest in Habana City gaining his first trophy, placing 1st in the Middleweight Class. In 2005 Joel entered a National contest in Cuba and placed 3rd in the Middleweights. In Florida, Joel has entered several shows, including the 2007 Mr. Miami (1st Place Light Heavyweight), 2008 NPC South Florida Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships (1st Place Light Heavyweight), 2010 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Championships (1st Place Heavyweight Over 35 and Overall Winner Over 35) and most recently the 2010 NPC Tim Gardner Tampa Extravaganza (1st Place Open Light Heavyweight and Open Overall Winner).

Joel has been working over the past 10 years training people from different sports such as baseball and also people who need better conditioning or with different health problems like diabetes or obesity. Joel has different programs for losing fat, toning up, gaining muscle and to look better than ever. As a certified personal trainer he believes there are no excuses and that everyone can do it and gain a better body.

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